Workshops and Courses for Massage Therapists

Swedish massage courses and Workshops for Massage Therapists

Swedish massage is the systematic manipulation of the body’s soft tissue through long gliding strokes, kneading, friction, and rhythmic blows. These are often combined with joint manipulation and stretching to encourage flexibility and healing.  Workshops and Courses for Massage Therapists

Trigger Point and techniques to treatment…

Trigger point massage is the static and active application of pressure to “trigger points” or areas where waste products have collected around a nerve receptor to create nodules or fibrous bands of tension. Pressure helps dissolve the nodule, flushing toxins and releasing endorphins. The trigger point technique requires active client participation and is an effective treatment for many kinds of chronic pain and discomfort.


Neuromuscular therapy is pressure applied to specific muscles and muscle attachments, including deep and superficial muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue to restore balance to the central nervous system and relieve the spasms and chronic pain often caused by injury and trauma.

About Teacher:

it’s a word that literally means to release, untie, loosen, and free. My practice is dedicated to releasing stress and tension, relieving pain, and restoring range of motion through manual soft tissue manipulation. It’s massage with a purpose.

My approach is a pragmatic one: my goal is to help clients recover from injury, improve their range of motion and flexibility, and increase their functional strength.
 A Solvo massage may ease your tension and could even lull you to sleep in the short term, but my long-term objective is to make you stronger and healthier.

Massage therapy is about getting back in touch with our bodies, minds and spirits.  When you take time for yourself to listen to what your body is telling you, it can awaken you to new ways of being.   Some of the signals it sends are through pain and tension.

Pain is often a signal that something is out of alignment.  Tension is usually a result of internal systems miscommunications.

Getting regular massage sessions can show you the way back into your body


Our intention is to build a community of massage therapists who can support and assist each other in the process of starting, building and maintaining your practice.

The clinic is fully furnished with a waiting area, office space, laundry facility and 2 treatment rooms.  The space for rent is one of the treatment rooms that is also fully furnished with table, stereo and linens.  All you need to bring is lotions/oils and a commitment to build your practice.

The rent of $600 per month includes everything that is in the space and the expertise of 2 experienced therapists.  What you are paying for is our expertise.  We only want one person to join us, so if you can only work the Wed. and Friday, you will still be paying $600.

Being downtown can be exciting yet intimidating for a new therapist.  The number of people working downtown makes it a prime networking and marketing opportunity.  We have been in this location for over 10 years and in the downtown area for over 15.  There are many people living downtown and are a large untapped marketing target.

As your practice builds to full time, we have the option of expanding into 2 other rooms.  At that time we will bring in another person to start building their practice a few days a week, just as you did.  We also hope that you will be able to share what you have learned in building your practice thus building a community of massage therapists who work together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other.

Your success will depend on your commitment to building your practice, your beliefs in yourself and the power of healing and knowing that you are of great value to the clinic and community.

We are asking for a 1 year commitment (lease) but do have a 3 month trial period that is really to find out if we are compatible personally.  It really takes 6 months to a year to even find out if you will be able to build a clientele and hope that you understand this before joining us.  That means you will have to be able to support yourself for 6 months to a year while building your practice.  If you already have started your practice you may already understand this.

So if you would like to find out more about joining us, please email me or call me.  You can send a resume and/or letter of intent.  We are more interested in you and who you are, rather than what you know or what school you have gone to.

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