Helping Your Child Learn To Read

Reading is one of the most importance skills that a child needs to harness. The parents’ effort in helping the child is of much importance, and building a good reading base can save the child many troubles when it comes to education. The ability to read helps your child’s development in numerous ways, including giving them a method to learn about the world and excite their imaginations.

Many experts recommend that you begin to teach your child about reading when they are just a few months old. While there’s no way that an infant that young can actually read, the roots of their education begin at that tender age. Reading to your child out of a book while pointing at pictures of what you are talking about can provide an excellent means for your child to develop a basis for their reading. The child begins to learn about communication as well as association of objects with pictures by taking this key step. When you give your child a zest for books at a young age, it can stick with them.

Between the ages of 4 and 7, children begin to understand printed words. Reading to your child in this period of time is crucial to helping them to understand exactly what books are all about. Pointing to words as you read them can help your child learn to associate the word with the printed text. As your child grows, and learns to read on their own, it’s important to still take some time to read to them. Choose a book that would interest them but may be beyond their reading level at the time. That can help them to get motivated when it comes to getting better at reading. Also, be sure to allow your child a chance to read to you. This helps them to increase their pride in the subject, as well as giving you an opportunity to help them with any points at which they may be struggling.
When it comes to teaching your child reading, the responsibility rests largely on your shoulders. While schools may teach your child all they need to know, you can give your child a great head-start by preparing them in the home.

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