Sea Point, a high-rise sea-front where evenings are beautiful

Sea Point
Sea Point, a high-rise sea-front where evenings are beautiful

Sea Point is considered to be the most populated region close to Cape Town. It lies along the seafront and offers number of lavish apartments and hotels. It is the favorite place of dog walkers, roller-bladders and Joggers to have their morning or evening paved public walk. Main road has numbers of big shops and restaurants. Before establishment of V&A Waterfront, Sea Point was considered to be the most suitable destination to spend evening. Now, it is mostly visited by local people living there than the tourists who come to South Africa.

Cape Town AccommodationSea point of Cape Town offers two small coves but the coastal region is rocky covered with plants that generally grow on rocks. It also has pair of tidal pools; one of them is totally different and is defiantly male. Once an elderly woman had complained to the administrative council that she can watch nude men having sunbath, but when it was asked how is it possible to watch them from her apartment, she said “ By just standing on chair”. Very close to the Water front, is a very old but famous rend and white lighthouse

Cape Town’s Sea Point is the most vibrant region near Cape Town, which lies outside the centre of city between Green Point, Bantry Bay and Mouille Point, which had overcome the reputation of being a region famous for crimes. But now today, it is the busiest region among the all cities of country and it also attracts number of people for trade also.

Cape Town HotelsMain Road passing through Sea Point divides it. Sea Point offers number of lavish restaurants, shops, coffee bars and clubs. All things that are needed can be easily found in this market, which is full of activities of the visitors. The region at upper part of Signal Hill, which is away from Atlantic Ocean offers scenic views of villas that attract numerous visitors every year and is situated at the central region of Cape Town.

In other direction lie a renowned region of Sea Point which is mostly visited by joggers, dog walkers and the people who are interested in enjoying scenic view of the sea shore. The luxurious self catering apartments, beachfront attracts young, fashionable and small families.

Camps Bay AccommodationA region from Mouille Point to Bantry Bay is considered to be the promenade run. This region is famous for activities like morning or evening walk or watching the spectacular sun set. It also offers number of parks for children and healthy swimming pools at pavilion.

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